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Solar Panels

There has never been more of a need to take steps to reduce down our energy costs, with constant rising prices why not take advantage of the energy the sun offers and take steps to be more self sufficient. Not only becoming greener on the way and helping towards a more sustainable future for future generations whilst considerably reducing down the money you spend on energy for you home.



We offer a wide range of inverters if you are looking to upgrade or replace a faulty or broken inverter. We are seeing an increase in inverters with WIFI monitoring so you are able to track your systems performance a little more closely. We have access highest quality products and are happy to guide you on the best product for your home.


Battery Storage

Battery storage can be offered as a retro fit to your current system or to run alongside a complete new PV solar system. Putting it simply batteries will store any unused energy created during daylight hours and store it so the energy can be used during the evening when your panels are no longer producing energy. Making you ££££££££ of extra savings.


EV Charging

As electric and hybrid vehicles become more of a necessity so does the ability to charge them. We offer a wide range of different charging solutions.


Pigeon Guarding

Not a necessity for everybody however some people with solar will experience problems with pigeons making a home underneath their solar. We offer a very effective pigeon guarding


Solar Panel Cleaning

Over the years you solar panels can become quite dirty and whilst it's not a necessity to keep your panels clean it can help to improve the performance. We offer the most cost effective solutions for solar panel cleaning we believe in the industry

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I had some problems with my solar system and contacted Infinite energy who came out inspected my system and got everything in full working order. Bella has also organised a solar panel clean for me for this coming week.

Mr K Pickford

We had Paul come to see us who upgraded our solar pv system to a Solar Edge. He was very helpful and offered us a great price. The work was carried out in a very tidy and timely manner. Excellent from start to finish.

Mr and Mrs Gosling

Great company, very informative has a very wide range of knowledge of the products and fantastic service. Very Happy

Mr Steve Rushmer

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